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75mm (5mph) Speed Bump Kit

75mm (5mph) Speed Bump Kit - 3 Metre

The 75mm Speed bump from Europalite is the largest size that we offer.

Designed to slow traffic to just 5mph, mainly being aimed for use with HGVs. Larger wheeled vehicles such as HGVs will not have to slow down that much for a 50mm bump so the larger 75mm bump is recommended and used in a wide range of areas including;

  • Industrial Estates.
  • Warehouses.
  • Factories.
  • Construction Sites.

If you are looking for smaller speed bumps for use with cars, then the 50mm kit will be more suited.


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£ 102.98 excl VAT
(£ 123.58 incl. VAT)
Speed Bump Length

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