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Speed Bumps 50mm (10mph) Installation Kit 3 Metre ESB50/3m

Speed bumps are easily installed on roads with the Europalite 50mm speed bump kit.

50mm is our most popular choice for speed bumps in the UK.

The 3 metre kit contains:

  • 2 x black inner sections
  • 3 x yellow inner sections
  • 2 x black end sections
  • 24 x M10 x 100mm bolts
  • 24 x tarmac/asphalt rubber fixing plugs
  • 24 x penny washers

A suitable 20mm drill bit and 16mm driver/socket is required for installation.

Used in a wide range of areas including;

  • Car Parks - Supermarket and multi-storey.
  • Private Roads.
  • Schools.
  • Hospitals.
  • Shopping Centres.
  • Community Centres.

The 50mm speed bump is recommended for most applications - the 75mm version is too aggressive for most cars and motorbikes.



Excludes Delivery
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£ 117.00 excl VAT
(£ 140.40 incl. VAT)

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