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Plastic Wheelbarrow With Pneumatic Tyre - Black WBARROW - BLK

The plastic 'Wonder Barrow' wheelbarrow from Europalite is a revelation in health and safety as it has no metal parts making it completely safe for use where conductivity may be an issue, or where avoidance of accidental sparking is paramount.

The black plastic wheelbarrow is manufactured from rigid recycled LLDPE, whilst virgin material is used for the orange version.

Besides industrial applications, plastic wheelbarrows are ideal for farm and equestrian use as they are unaffected by the corrosive nature of animal waste and do not rust.

Plastic wheelbarrows are popular with gardeners who find the lightweight highly manoeuvrable attributes a real benefit, while the pneumatic tyre greatly assists in traversing rough uneven terrain.

You can now buy the Wonder Barrow direct from the UK manufacturer, Europalite.


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