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Lockable Grit Bin For Road Salt - Black 7cu.ft (200ltr) GB7BLK

This lockable 7cu.ft grit bin is one of our most popular grit bins and is perfect for both residential and commercial use. 

Fitted with hasp and staple (padlock not included) it will keep your grit salt safe and secure from theft.

Manufactured from recycled polyethylene with fully integrated hinge and drain holes in the base, it is the ideal choice for storing grit salt, it is the ideal choice for storing grit salt.

To minimise the amount of snow and ice settling on top of the bin, the bin has been designed with an angled lid to allow it to slide off, therefore allowing easy use even in winter weather. The angled lid also allows rainwater to run off the top of the bin.

The Europalite 7cu.ft grit bins are interstackable meaning they take up less space during the spring/summer months when not being used for storing grit salt.

Forklift channels incorporated in to the base of the bin make it easier to move and position when full of grit salt or stacked.

Embossed with the word 'GRIT'.

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